Your cognitive problem-solving style is established in early childhood at the same time as your personality. A specific and psychometrically accurate evaluation of your style can only be obtained through the validated KAI inventory which must be administered by a certificated practitioner. Guided Problem Solving (GPS) Training & Consulting LLC is one of a limited number of US-based practitioners.

The seminal work, including the theory and the instrument, is attributed to Michael Kirton (1976) and has been highly researched with more than 500 published articles, dissertations, and books demonstrating the value and applicability of the measure. Due to the rich documented research in the body of knowledge, one can understand means across general populations, specific career fields, and industries, application to a variety of domains, and even correlation to common psychometric assessments (e.g. Myers-Briggs, DiSC).

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    Business Benefits of KAI

    Why KAI?
    • Improve team collaboration, engagement, and success
    • Improve team leader collaboration cross functionally
    • Motivate teams to maximize their ideation and implementation
    • Help teams get unstuck
    • Break through old ways of thinking and working
    • Empower productivity of more timid team members
    • Provide balance between “creative thinkers” and “naysayers”
    • Assemble the right employees to create high performing teams
    • Leadership development
    • Organization structure design & decision making

    Personal Coaching Benefits of KAI

    Why KAI?
    • Understand how to engage with team members and leadership for the greatest effectiveness
    • Get “unstuck” and move toward your goals
    • Change your engagement with others to achieve successful relationships

    Personal coaching with KAI is a powerful combination, illuminating opportunities for you to find breakthroughs in a variety of areas including:
    • Professional Development
    • Career/Educational Pursuit Decisions
    • Interpersonal Relationship Challenges

    Individual Package Price: $150.00.

    Includes online KAI inventory, 60-minute private coaching session with Certificated Practitioner, an 8-page personalized feedback document, ideas for improving communication, relationships, and more.

    Group discounts and referral discounts are available. Request information via email before booking.