Academic Success

Writing Support Coaching Plans

Fees: From $35 per review to all-inclusive packages of 6-weeks of support for $1500

I want to help you get an A on your paper, finish your capstone project, or dissertation! I’m an academic coach and advisor, a faculty member at universities, and I have published dozens of articles in academic journals. I have a Ph.D. and a DBA plus multiple other certifications and degrees. I am also an ICF Certified Success Coach to help you work through barriers to your progress.

I work with students at all levels from associate degrees to doctoral degrees. I have helped more than 350 students successfully complete their projects and graduate! Let me offer you my unique and personalized support.

My services are affordable. I partner with you in cloud-based collaboration. I am located in the Midwest and able to meet with you by phone, by virtual means, or in live writing rooms. Message me for a no-obligation, free consultation.

My process – How I can help:

  • All work reviewed and returned within 48 hours (90% is returned within 8 hours)
  • I use track changes in Word (or Google Docs) to identify areas to improve grammar, structure, format, style, citations, references, synthesis, methodology, and more. 
  • Locate additional academic references to support your writing (peer-reviewed, academic, published within 5 years)
  • Plagiarism checks
  • I help you LEARN to elevate your own writing so you can be successful independently.
  • Corrections are made, comments with guidance are provided, and weblinks links to additional support.
  • Phone or virtual meetings to discuss feedback, brainstorm, clarify, etc.
  • Access to my video library with over 30 topics to allow you to continue to learn on your own and rewatch sessions to reinforce learning
  • Access to my tools and shortcuts to help you learn APA like a pro!
  • Optional addition of success coaching to help you stay focused and complete your project/degree.

Experience Guided Problem-Solving Training and Consulting for your Academic Success!

Contact me directly email: or schedule time on my calendar by following this link: My Calendar Schedule