Academic Success – Writing Support & Coaching Plans

Fees: From $35 per review to all-inclusive packages of 6-weeks of support for $1500

I want to help you get an A on your paper, finish your capstone project, or dissertation!  I’m an academic coach and advisor, a faculty member at university, and I have published dozens of articles in academic journals.  I have a PhD and a DBA plus multiple other certifications and degrees. I am also an ICF Certified Success Coach to help you work through barriers to your progress.

I work with students at all levels from associate degrees to doctoral degrees.  I have helped more than 150 students successfully complete their projects and graduate! Let me offer you my unique and personalized support.

My services are affordable. I partner with you in cloud-based collaboration.  I am located in the mid-west and able to meet with you by phone, by virtual means, or in live writing rooms. Message me for a no-obligation, free consultation. 

My process – What you can expect:

  • Request your free consultation
  • Send me a one-page sample of your writing
  • I will demonstrate the level of feedback you can expect.  I use track changes in Word to identify areas to improve grammar, structure, format, style, citations, references, synthesis, methodology, and more.  Corrections are made, comments with guidance are provided, and weblinks links to additional support. Some rewriting is included but I do not write sections for you – just help you elevate your own writing.
  • Locate additional academic references to support your writing (peer-reviewed, academic, published within 5 years)
  • All work reviewed and returned within 72 hours (90% is 48-hour turnaround)
  • Phone call or virtual meetings to discuss feedback, brainstorm, clarify, etc.
  • Optional addition of success coaching to help you stay focused and complete your project/degree.

Experience Guided Problem-Solving Training and Consulting!

Contact me directly or schedule time on my calendar by following this link:  My Calendar Schedule


phone:  301-919-2712